Body Glide- Chafe No More

Body Glide- Chafe No More

If you play sports, you know there are certain things that are inevitable. One, you are going to lose a few and win a few. If you won all of the time in the game(s) you play, it really wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Your body also takes some losses in the heat of battle and particularly on the golf course. Parts of your body like your arms and legs rubbing together can lead to some concerns.  Chafing is a problem that can become quite irritating and cause much discomfort which unfortunately will lead to some displeasure on the course. This could eventually affect your performance and overall score.

Body Glide protects with an invisible barrier. Simply apply to the needed areas and fight skin burns, chafing, raw skin, rash and irritation.  We found that compared to other creams and applications, Body Glide was much less messy and greasy. It resembles a deodorant type application if that helps you understand how easy it is to apply (see above image).

Before you head out to the links, use Body Glide on areas that are prone to chaffing like your thighs, neck and arms. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your comfort on the golf course.

You can find this product at most Target and DICK’S Sporting Goods.  Find out more about Body Glide, the entire list of products and the benefits for you at


Dry Glove- Get a Grip!

Dry Glove- Get a Grip

I am one golfer who tends to perspire a bit more that my other playing companions.  I’ve always been a bit envious when I watch someone who has very little difficulty with his grip when playing in hot and humid weather. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we always go through a stretch of torrid heat in the summer that can play havoc on our golf game. This year has even been worse with a record number of 90 degree plus days. The product Dry Glove arrived on my desk in the midst of the dog days, so there was no better time to try out the product.

I have tried several grip aides but Dry Glove appealed to me because you used it not only to keep your hands dry but also assist to the lasting quality of your favorite golf glove. Are you one of those golfers who use the cart cover post to hang their sweaty gloves on so that you always have a fresh one. Don’t you feel like you’re doing  laundry!

I tried to pick a couple of hot days to try out the product. I’ve never been a “one try” kind of guy. Using a new golf glove one day with Dry Glove and a somewhat worn glove the other day provided us with very satisfying results during both rounds. Other products always left me feeling sticky, almost to much grip. I did not get that condition using Dry Glove. It actually felt like any other body or hand lotion you may use. And let’s face it, that’s what it is. An antiperspirant lotion. No odor and no mess. Very easy to apply and you use very little each time out.

Dry Glove USA founder Brad Nazzarini is a former college golfer for the University of Alabama who has also played professionally. Nazzarini says “Our goal was to develop a product that not only keeps golfer’s hands dry, but extends the life of expensive golf gloves and other sports gloves,” and added “We’re eager to improve golfers and other athletes comfort and enhance overall performance. Using Dry Glove will give the user a better grip in any conditions especially hot and humid weather.”

Dry Glove is highly recommended for the golfer who likes playing in the hot weather and wants to get the best grip possible, and I’m making it a part of my golf bag. It is  also effective in other activities where dry hands are needed and gloves are used including baseball and racquet sports like pickleball and tennis.

Dry Glove antiperspirant lotion can be purchased at, and


Bamboozled- All 19 Holes

I was introduced to bamboo fabrics quite a few years ago when I purchased a bamboo mock t-shirt. I was immediately impressed with the comfort, so much so, that since then I have added other products featuring the material.

All 19 Holes is a company specializing in golf and leisure apparel that celebrate the most famous hole in golf, the 19th!! Well, maybe it’s not as famous as some of the iconic ones, but it sure is the most entertaining. That is the message delivered from All 19 Holes. Live life to it’s fullest and always make sure to enjoy the ceremonial after a day of golf celebration.  

Where would the game of golf be without great “19th Holes” in the clubhouse?  And where would golf be without golf fashion? It is part of the fabric of the game, no pun intended. Shirts, hats and socks are the featured apparel from All 19 Holes.

Father’s Day would make a great time to show him your love with a pair of super comfortable bamboo socks from All 19 Holes. They have just introduced the “Sock of Champions” which combines bamboo’s benefits and a very keen design. For those keeping score the pros of bamboo are many including the fact that it has a natural wicking ability that keeps sweat and moisture away from the skin.

You can shop on their website and their products are also available on amazon

Mask Fashion- Ball and Buck

Who would have thought 6 months ago we would be deciding before we went out to the store what kind of face mask we were going to wear. The Covid-19 Pandemic has sure changed our lives in so many ways.

I’m one of those “Over 60 in the cross-hairs”, individuals who along with his family have followed all of the safety recommendations CDC and one of those is wearing facial masks when out in public.

Most surgical masks are unavailable and we really believe they should be reserved for those first responders. The next best option are cotton masks which are now become a bit of a fashion statement.

Ball and Buck has been around for over a decade providing quality products from a complete line of clothing to accessories for the man.

The masks are made of high quality cotton and are very comfortable. I received quite a few looks the first time I wore the camo design at the local grocery store.

Certainly an interesting twist for Father’s Day this year would be to get dad a mask or two. And while you are shopping on the great website, check out all the products available for pops on his special day.

Your dad does a lot. Reward him with some great gifts from Ball and Buck. Shopping made easy at



Incrediwear Golf- Power Your Feet

  On the course comfort is a must for most golfers, especially when it comes to your feet. As one who suffers from neuropathy, numbness and weakness in my feet has always been an issue. Right before the winter golf trade shows which my business attends, I received two pairs of the Incrediwear Golf Socks to try out. This was an ideal opportunity to see how the socks performed since I’m on my feet for 6 to 8 hours each day over a three day weekend. Even more than a normal 18-hole round of golf.

The secret to the Incrediwear sock is the fabric that the sock is made of.  Using carbonized charcoal, the sock activates from your body heat which in turn will increase your blood flow. This will not only help defeat (no pun intended) fatigued feet but will help your overall performance no matter what activity you are partaking in.

Features of the sock that we found attractive were that the socks are designed for each individual foot, the right and the left, and each sock has a cooling toe box and heel cup for additional comfort. It’s a product that we always felt when we were wearing it that it was doing it’s job. They are available in Low Cut, Crew or Quarter size.

How does Incrediwear work? 

Incrediwear fabric is infused with circulation enhancing semiconductors, Germanium and Carbon. These elements are activated by your body heat, creating cellular vibrations that dramatically increase blood flow. This increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the affected area, promoting faster healing while reducing pain and inflammation. As a result, clinical trials have proven an increase in resting blood flow by up to 21.6% and blood speed by up to 22.2%, and recovery can be accelerated by 46%. In a recent peer-reviewed study in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, 100% off participants reported pain relief – some as much as 60% – wearing the Knee Sleeve.

Check out the complete line of products at

FRINGE Shoe Accessories- Footwear Fashion Plate

FRINGE Shoe Accessories- Footwear Fashion Plate

Ladies, here is a way to add some color and style to that plain pair of golf shoes with out breaking the bank purchasing a pair of designer shoes. 

FRINGE shoe accessories will spice up your golf footwear. It’s like getting a designer plate for your car. It immediately will have you standing out on the course. 


It’s amazing how many designs and style you have to choose from. Let’s make one thing clear right away. FRINGE is not just limited to be worn on the golf course. Once you visit the website and designs, you will see just what I mean.

Want to make a Pride statement. FRINGE has a rainbow design to help raise Pride awareness.

Are you or do you know someone who is a breast cancer survivor? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and FRINGE has a wonderful complement to your shoes that will show your support.

The design comes from a classic golf shoe that originated in France. This will certainly complement your outfit both on and off the course. Make your footwear stand out in a fashionable and affordable way with FRINGE.



22 Below Can Sleeves- Ice Cold Baby

There is nothing, and I mean nothing like and ice cold beer during a round of golf during a sweltering hot day. The only problem is, because it is so stinking hot, how do we keep that beer, water or soft drink refreshingly chilled.

Traditional kozzies do just fine, but if you really want to step up your game, I highly recommend the can sleeves from 22Below.  From the time I picked it up, I could tell it was drastically different that the standard koozie just in the weight and feel of the product. A majority of the koozies you will run into today and either paper thin or awkwardly constructed. The 22Below looks and feels built for the task ahead.

To properly test the product, I waited till my spring recent golf trip with the boys to see how 22Below did. The weather was not as hot as I would have liked it but I still could tell the the 22Below can sleeve did it’s job in keeping my refresher plenty cold! I really look forward to using it more as the hot weather golf season heats up.

Plenty of purchasing options are available at the website 22below is located in Charlotte, NC and founded by Kenny Ramsey. #beercansleeves #22below #keepmybeercold

Take Charge of Your Next Adventure

This is not my first go round reviewing a product from myCharge. They are a regular part of my electronics gear.  My job requires that I have power no matter where my busy schedule takes me.

The latest unit from myCharge up for review is called Adventure,  a multi- port charger that can handle whatever you throw at it. I mean that literally. One of my first impressions of myCharge products was how solid they are constructed. this is a charger that can take a beating and last a long time. The Adventure has a rugged rubber body that can take the spills and thrills of ones daily routines. It’s splash and drop resistant.

On a recent trip to the Florida Keys, my wife and I drove and explored the entire way south.  The multi-port capabilities came in very handy to keep all of our electronics powered up! And there is one thing you need to know about my wife. When her phone or tablet are at 50%, she NEEDS to power up. Much like when the gas gauge 1/2 full,  she see’s it as half EMPTY!

I would recommend this product for anyone who needs a tough and reliable charger.

On the course, it a solid addition to your golf bag.

Olgebay Resort & Conference Center- A “Nature”-all Experience

Wheeling, West Virginia is home to a fascinating resort that offers plenty of great golf among their many amenities. Olgebay Resort & Conference Center has three distinct golf courses but what I remember most about my stay there was my return to nature. You see, Olgebay is stretched out over nearly 1800 acres with abundant wildlife, walking trails and gardens at every turn.  This picturesque property in Wheeling Park is the backdrop for this wonderful resort and golf destination.

You must go back over 100 years to trace the tradition of hospitality that was started by Earl W. Olgebay. He eventually willed his property including his estate and mansion to the people of Wheeling. His only request was that they “shall operate it for public recreation.”  The city of Wheeling has stayed committed to his stipulation as Olgebay has provided year-round recreational activities and exceptional overnight accommodations for generations of families and groups.

Golf arrived at Olgebay Resort on July 4, 1930, with the opening of the front nine of the Crispin Golf Course, and is one of the focal points of the Crispin Center. A second nine and golf shop were added in 1938 as construction continued through the depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Crispin Course is a perfect compliment to the other golf choices that are available at Olgebay Resort. The picturesque Par 3 and Driving Range Clubhouse on the north side of the park became a reality in 1962. The driving range doubles as a ski slope in the winter months. If there was one key event in the history of the Olgebay Resort, it would most likely be the opening of the Wilson Lodge in 1957. That turning point transformed the property into a year-round destination. Consequently, the two championship golf courses that were added, the Jones in 1970 and the Palmer in 2000, moved Olgebay into the golf resort category. Both outstanding tracks form the Speidel Golf Club and round out the golfing menu of sixty-three sporting holes at Olgebay.

This 5.670- yard par 71 Crispin Golf Course is very playable and rolls over hills and valleys quite naturally. The actual greens were roughed in by the same builders of the iconic Oakmont Country Club and this golfer found the putting surfaces quite interesting. Talk about having a story to tell, Arnold Palmer played the course for the first time in an exhibition match in 1963 and walked off with a 9-under course record. Play the terrific set of par 3’s along with some reachable par 5’s and you will understand why the Crispin Course has been a regional favorite for over 80 years.

I tend to agree with the consensus that the course designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr is the most challenging that you will find during your stay at Olgebay. The multiple tee placements allow the course to play from 7,000 yards at the tips to 4,659 yards from the forward set. It was the first public course undertaken by Jones, who described his layout as “a fair test of golf” but one that would lead to an “easy bogie, tough par.” The so-called “Monster on the Hill” was home to the West Virginia LPGA Classic from 1974 till 1984, so you know it packs a punch.

The Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course is a modern marvel that was added due to the demand golfers were placing on the other two courses. It quickly became the favorite of the lot for it’s playability and clever modern design features that include six par-three holes, seven par-four holes and five par-five holes. There are plenty of scoring opportunities and signature moments during a round on the Palmer track which like the Jones has quite a few dramatic elevation changes to awe at. It’s a must play on your stay at Olgebay. Take note of the horticulture found on all the golf courses which come directly from the 16-acre Bissonnette Gardens located within the resort. There are beautiful hanging baskets on every tee!

It’s of little surprise that Olgebay has groups and families returning year after year with the wonderful array of lodging options that are available. The newly renovated Wilson Lodge has 330 rooms and suites, but the larger golf groups normally choose one of the 54 cottages that are on the property including three with eight bedrooms. All have oversized kitchens and social areas with fire places. These cottages I believe make the perfect accommodations for buddy golf trips. Four estate houses are also available for a more executive-type retreat were all the bedrooms have their own private baths. Golf packages include an awesome spread each morning called the Mountaineer Breakfast Buffet in the Ihlenfeld Dining Room, which also serves dinner nightly. The Wilson Lodge also is home to the GlassWorks Grill for more casual dining and tasty libations for some rounds after your rounds.

The list of other amenities which may not just be for the golfers include the West Spa at Olgebay, featuring Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. The three-acre Schenk Lake has paddle boats and kayaks, and you can even do a little fishing because the lake is stocked with bass, trout and catfish. There’s indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis center, horseback riding and skiing and snow tubing. Speaking of the cold weather, the Winter Festival of Lights is a seasonal attraction that delights guests across a three-mile frolic through the resort. Olgebay Resort is also home to several other attractions unique to most regional destinations. This writer has been to many resorts but none with its own zoo. The 35-acre Good Zoo has over 50 species of animals, including endangered species like red pandas, cheetahs and even an albino alligator. These animals certainly must feel right at home considering all the wildlife that surrounds them. I encountered deer and fox each day during my stay. The founder’s estate home is now the Mansion Museum which houses artifacts and depicts the history of the area. I was fascinated by the pieces found in the Carriage House Glass and Glass Museum, which honor West Virginia’s glass industry.  It’s worth a visit to both.

As a golfer, you can find everything your little golf ball desires at Olgebay. I guess what surprised me on my journey there was the hospitality and family atmosphere that abound. It made me understand why this resort is not one exclusive for golfers with all there is to do for the rest of the clan. So, let’s talk logistics. If you reside in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, it’s a comfortable 4 ½ hour drive. It’s just a bit farther from Philadelphia across the turnpike. From the steel city, just 60 minutes. The tariff is quite affordable for a 3 day/2-night stay, and as you would expect, you can build a package on-line to your specifics whether you are staying at the lodge or renting a cottage. If you are looking for golf resort that doesn’t take nearly all day to get drive to and one that won’t break the bank on anybody’s budget, you’d might want to venture to the natural encampment known as Olgebay Resort & Conference Center.


The PGA and Bethpage have a swell idea!!

S’well, creator of the original fashion hydration accessory, and PGA of America, one of the world’s largest sports organizations, have created a first-of-its-kind collector’s bottle commemorating the 2019 PGA Championship, which will be played at Bethpage State Park’s Black Course in Farmingdale, N.Y., May 13-19, 2019. The partnership originated in an effort to further PGA’s sustainability initiatives and reach new audiences.

The PGA of America is putting significant emphasis on its corporate social responsibility efforts, speaking to the growing social consciousness of the golf community. The partnership with S’well is a positive step toward creating a more sustainable community. 

“S’well offers an array of products, all of which provide the consumer with a myriad of choices to reflect their chosen lifestyle,” said Luke Reissman, PGA of America Senior Director of Partnerships. “At the PGA of America, we’re excited to align with our friends at S’well because the game of golf and their bottles are not only compatible, but they are both sustainable, technologically advanced and personal in nature.”

Debuting as the first textured S’well product, the 2019 PGA Championship Golf Bottle features a dimpled outer shell and lustrous sheen – just like a golf ball. Its unique, uniform finish creates an elevated look. Featuring triple-walled, high-grade stainless steel, the 2019 PGA Championship Golf Bottle keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12, while maintaining a condensation-free exterior.

“The bottle design embodies the beauty of this sport – tradition, appeal and reach,” said Rachel Ivey, VP, Creative Director, S’well. “Because of the innovative design and a textured finish, reminiscent of a golf ball, we knew the PGA would be the perfect partner to bring this design to market.” Furthering excitement and support of the partnership, S’well is working with the PGA of America to create an extended run of the collection customized with logos for select courses across the country. These other products will debut over the coming weeks.

The 2019 PGA Championship Golf Bottle is now available for purchase on for $45.