Sock it to Me Baby

CEP Compression Socks   

This is not my first review of the CEP compression socks, just my latest. I have been wearing the lo-cut short and mid-cut styles of socks for quite some time but wanted to complete the review by trying out the short and mid-cut styles with the fall golf season fast approaching. The CEP compression short sock is one style I wish they came out with years ago. The additional sock length protecting the ankle fully really is a game changer and was a benefit for this 60-year old on the back nine. As a neuropathy sufferer, I’ve seen and felt the benefits personally of using compression socks help. Simply put, they promote maximum blood circulation. We are talking pumping blood here people. That is a very healthy activity for the human body and an even better asset for you walking on the golf course for hours. The mid-cut style looks to be ideal to wear under my colorful golf slacks once cooler weather arrives. Yes, you will pay a bit extra for the CEP compression sock, but the benefits you’ll receive are priceless.

Swiftwick Sock                                                                                

I really don’t know why I would every buy another normal “run-of-the-mill” golf sock again. I’ve reviewed several wonderful products for the feet and here’s another winner. Swiftwick Sock’s are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. In fact, I’m wearing a pair right now as I stand at my computer writing this. I wanted to see if the boasts Swiftwick makes about their products were true. Pretty damn sure it’s one super compression sock made 100% in the good ole’ USA. The Maxus, Performance and Pursuit Zero styles will fit anyone’s game. A combination of merino wool and a synthetic fiber called olefin (the only fiber to actually won a Nobel Prize) gives Swiftwick socks all performance you require while on the links. A really soft cushion gives comfort while not taking away from the moisture wicking qualities we all strive for on those hots days. Now about those boasts. Swiftwick backs their product with “The best you will ever wear” guarantee. I think I’ll let your feet be the judge!