Bamboozled- All 19 Holes

I was introduced to bamboo fabrics quite a few years ago when I purchased a bamboo mock t-shirt. I was immediately impressed with the comfort, so much so, that since then I have added other products featuring the material.

All 19 Holes is a company specializing in golf and leisure apparel that celebrate the most famous hole in golf, the 19th!! Well, maybe it’s not as famous as some of the iconic ones, but it sure is the most entertaining. That is the message delivered from All 19 Holes. Live life to it’s fullest and always make sure to enjoy the ceremonial after a day of golf celebration.  

Where would the game of golf be without great “19th Holes” in the clubhouse?  And where would golf be without golf fashion? It is part of the fabric of the game, no pun intended. Shirts, hats and socks are the featured apparel from All 19 Holes.

Father’s Day would make a great time to show him your love with a pair of super comfortable bamboo socks from All 19 Holes. They have just introduced the “Sock of Champions” which combines bamboo’s benefits and a very keen design. For those keeping score the pros of bamboo are many including the fact that it has a natural wicking ability that keeps sweat and moisture away from the skin.

You can shop on their website and their products are also available on amazon

Mask Fashion- Ball and Buck

Who would have thought 6 months ago we would be deciding before we went out to the store what kind of face mask we were going to wear. The Covid-19 Pandemic has sure changed our lives in so many ways.

I’m one of those “Over 60 in the cross-hairs”, individuals who along with his family have followed all of the safety recommendations CDC and one of those is wearing facial masks when out in public.

Most surgical masks are unavailable and we really believe they should be reserved for those first responders. The next best option are cotton masks which are now become a bit of a fashion statement.

Ball and Buck has been around for over a decade providing quality products from a complete line of clothing to accessories for the man.

The masks are made of high quality cotton and are very comfortable. I received quite a few looks the first time I wore the camo design at the local grocery store.

Certainly an interesting twist for Father’s Day this year would be to get dad a mask or two. And while you are shopping on the great website, check out all the products available for pops on his special day.

Your dad does a lot. Reward him with some great gifts from Ball and Buck. Shopping made easy at